Hi, I’m Josh Kunkes, an I.T. pro & mentor in Buffalo.

My Message

With two years as a Systems Administrator, I have prior industry experience that will prove to be invaluable with the development of your organization. In combination with this, I bring prior management experience, which will greatly assist with the on-boarding and training of new team members as your organization continues to grow.

I have been actively serving and growing our community for nearly a decade. As an archery coach, I mentor young athletes, teaching them discipline, persistence, and self-confidence. Through a membership at Buffalo Game Space, I have helped the youth of Buffalo embrace technology as a means to create video games, teaching them best practices of programming and software creation.

If you’re not happy or learning, start looking.

– Todd Smith


With a B.A. in History, Joshua has the creative analytical and research skills necessary to grow any organization to new heights.


As System’s Administrator, Joshua designed new creative systems to increase productivity and reduce facility errors.


As an Assistant I.T. Manager, Joshua grew his team, elevating everyone’s performance and happiness. Through hard work and dedication, Joshua trained eight new employees,


Joshua’s story of transforming his own life into a full and successful life is the inspiration behind his topics around teaching others that it is possible to do the same through education. He enjoys teaching the importance of education as a whole.

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Prior Experiences

NeuralFrame Inc.

I.T. Manager December 2021 – Present

  • Lead training activities for the Information Technology and Software Development teams through topic specific training videos.
  • Increased Microsoft Office Suite and Azure security by over 32%.
  • Implemented hardware management systems throughout the company to ensure SOC2 standards are met and maintained.
  • Oversees annual HIPAA Audit to ensure industry compliance and performance.
  • Conducts system continuity meetings to ensure all responsible departments/individuals are aware of necessary tasks in an outage.
  • Created and maintains a library of SOPs to ensure all tasks are properly documented.

McKesson Corporation

Assistant I.T. Manager – August 2021 – December 2021

  • Leads maintenance and I.T. departments in daily break/fix activities to ensure that all mechanical and software repairs are preformed correctly, ensuring safety and minimal impact to production capabilities.
  • Trained 8 new employees, creating custom training schedules to ensure each team member is trained with a methodology that works best for their learning preferences.
  • Assists in monthly and quarterly employee performance evaluations, providing actionable feedback for each team member, while assisting in their personalized career development.
  • Manages yearly department budget, including system upgrades, maintenance, and operational costs totaling more than $350,000 annually.
  • Project management to ensure all current projects are on track for completion prior to deadlines, while providing status updates to customers and key stake-holders.

Systems Administrator – June 2019 – August 2021

  • Oversaw all system facilities, data transmissions, and site security while ensuring that all systems remained operational throughout production hours for over 140 employees while fulfilling ~27,500 orders daily.
  • Manages facility servers and networks, overseeing operations and planning upgrades based off system use.
  • Created and maintained over 50 system procedure documents used in the training of new team members.
  • Oversaw the implementation of new system procedures, including the implementation of new inventory management systems for a new facility with over 1800 spare parts.
  • Implemented new applications and updated existing systems to resolve application errors while ensuring that customer data is kept secure and encrypted.
  • Creation of +10 custom programs increasing product tracking, reduce facility errors, increase productivity, and provide machine specific metrics.
  • Created custom programs to automate recurring reporting reduce run-time by 85%, including more than 25 custom SSRS reports.
  • Manages more than 30 SQL databases, in addition to Active Directory accounts to ensure proper site security and records.


University at Buffalo, State University of New York

B.A. in History, Minor in Anthropology – 2017


University at Buffalo Archery Club; President – 2015 – 2017
  • Coached and led University at Buffalo students to National, Northeastern, and State Championships.
  • Oversaw and ran the daily operations, including treasury and fundraising responsibilities.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Master of Microsoft Office Products, such as Word and PowerPoint, in addition to the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Extensive use and mastery of programming languages, including; Java, C#, C++, VBA, SQL, and more.
  • Networking with clients and corporations in a professional sales environment.